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July 27, 2009 by admin
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你是否遇到这样的情况呢?购买LunarPages Basic Plan的Linux主机方案后,后悔了,想要购买unarpages的支持ASP的那款主机,同时还想留住我的域名,出现这样这样才状况,该如何操作呢,以及费用如何计算?

虽然Lunarpages Basic Plan是Linux主机,但也可以额外购买添加ASP功能的,当然如果你的网站不止需要ASP,而且还会用到MS SQL或ACCESS数据库的话,那就只可以选择Lunarpages Windows Plan了。

如果你要购买Lunarpages Windows Plan, 其实不需要取消你的Lunarpages Basic Plan,只需通知Lunarpages客服说明你要把Basic Plan 转换去 Window Plan 就行了,这样一来, 他们只需把你的网站从Linux 主机迁移到Window主机,同时也将继续保留你的域名,至于费用方面,你只需付这两个主机配套价格之间的差别。

I applied a Lunarpages Basic Plan hosting account for my website: XXXX(这里请填写你的网站域名) on date: XX/XX/2009 (这里请填写你的主机申请日期). However, I came to realize that Basic plan is in fact a Linux hosting which do not support ASP .net feature that required by my website. Therefore, I’m writing to request to change my hosting plan from Basic plan to Windows plan. Obviously, I want to keep my origianl domain name intact after the move. Please let me know the additional cost and process involved as well as the date of the moving. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

你可以到Lunarpages 客服 或电邮:, 把以上要求通知Lunarpages,他们在收到你的转换主机方案申请邮件后,很可能会要求你提供你的Lunarpages用户名,网站域名和信用卡最后4个数字,主要是在验证你的正式请求后从你的信用卡扣除相关款额。



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